How to Drain a Caldera Hot Tub

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Draining a Caldera hot tub allows you to fill it with fresh clean water, sanitize the tub or store it for the winter. The specific directions for draining a Caldera hot tub vary slightly by model, but all spas from this manufacturer have a main drain valve that you use to drain the water. It's especially imperative to drain water from your Caldera tub if you notice cloudy water, odors or a buildup of oils and dirt, since these are indicative of bacterial growth.


Step 1

Unplug the hot tub's power cord or turn the power off.

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Step 2

Pull the handle of the main drain valve out. Turn it until about 1 inch of the drain tube is exposed. On some models, you may need to only twist off the drain cap.


Step 3

Twist off the drain cap located on the handle.

Step 4

Connect a garden hose to the end of the drain tube and tighten it.

Step 5

Direct the open end of the garden hose to a drain.

Step 6

Push the garden hose and the drain tube back into the valve opening to start draining the water. Gravity pulls the water through the hose.


Clean the shell and filter cartridge after draining the hot tub. Remove all water completely from the spa and from the plumbing if you're winterizing the spa. Otherwise any water remaining in the plumbing is fine.


Always drain water from the hot tub into a drain. The chemicals used to sanitize a hot tub can harm grass and plants.

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