How to Make a Wooden Bench Seat for a Dining Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Large wood plank

  • 4-by-4 stud

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Saw

  • Drill

  • Screws

  • Screw driver

  • Wood putty

  • Wood stain

  • Towel

Benches provide easy access to the table.

Adding a bench to a dining room table gives you more sitting space without making the room seem cluttered with more large, clumsy chairs. Benches may be stored easily under the table or they could be used as seating under a window when not being used for dinners. Finding wood that matches your existing dining room set makes the bench look as if it were purchased with the rest of the pieces.


Step 1

Buy wood that matches your table if at all possible. Look at the table design and decide if you will design the bench to match. A table made of planks assembled together requires more work but follows the same principals as a one-piece table top.

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Step 2

Measure the length of the table. You may want the bench to match this length or be slightly smaller. For example, a table 60-inches long should have a bench between 55- and 60-inches long.


Step 3

Measure and cut the bench according to your desired length to match the table. The width of the bench should be 12 inches, which gives enough space for people to sit comfortably on the bench.

Step 4

Measure and cut four bench legs from the 4-by-4 posts. There should be 18-inches from the floor to the top of the bench. If your plank is one-inch thick, this means your posts legs need to be 17-inches long each.


Step 5

Measure and mark post holds in the bench top. Put two holes for each post. The first hole is one inch from each corner with a second drill hole two inches from each corner.

Step 6

Match drill holes in the leg posts, setting the legs so they are flush with the edges.


Step 7

Secure the legs in place with four-inch screws. Place wood putty in the screw holes, making the surface smooth by running your finger over the hole.

Step 8

Apply a stain that matches the rest of your dining room furniture. Wipe the stain on with a clean towel. The more coats of stain, the darker the color becomes.



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