Hiding a Metal Bed Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Bed skirt

  • Long blanket

  • Pool noodles

  • Utility knife

  • Fabric

Metal bed frames aren't always attractive.

A basic metal bed frame supports and elevates a mattress but doesn't add decorative appeal to your room. You can hide the bed frame from view, making the area look more put together and less industrial. Pick the method that best fits your distinctive style.


Step 1

Pick a fabric bed skirt that goes with existing fabrics in the room, such as the bedspread, sheets and curtains. Take the mattress off the bed, leaving the box spring resting on the frame. Spread out the bed skirt and replace the mattress, making adjustments if necessary.

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Step 2

Use an extra-long blanket or comforter that drapes so far down that the edges of the metal bed frame are covered.


Step 3

Use a utility knife to slice through a pool noodle length-wise and slip it onto the metal frame. Repeat for all showing parts of the frame, trimming the noodles as necessary. This method provides protection from the hard metal and makes for a colorful option for a child's bedroom.

Step 4

Cut fabric into strips approximately 1 inch wide and bind them around the entire span of the metal frame. Use different colors and fabric types for variety. Men's ties, clothing and ribbons provide additional options for items to bind around the frame for hiding.



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