How to Make a Pineapple Paper Mache

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Flour

  • Whisk

  • Pot

  • Balloon

  • Straight pin

  • Acrylic paints

  • Paintbrush

  • Green construction paper

  • Scissors

Use a real pineapple as your model while you make a replica out of paper mache.

Paper mache is one of those crafts that is easy enough for children but can be sophisticated in the hands of an artistic adult. It is also an inexpensive project because most of what you need for it is recycled or found in your kitchen. Take your time making a paper mache pineapple that looks good enough to eat, or keep it simple and don't worry as much about the outcome.


Step 1

Rip up 50 sheets of newspaper into 2-inch strips. You can rip more later if you need it.

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Step 2

Mix 1/4 cup of flour with enough water to make it the consistency of pancake batter. Whisk the mixture to get out all the lumps.

Step 3

Boil 4 cups of water in a pot. As soon as it reaches the boiling point, remove the pot from the stove, and add the flour mixture. Quickly whisk the contents to make a thick and smooth paste. Let it cool to room temperature.

Step 4

Blow up a balloon approximately the size and shape of a pineapple. It helps to have a real pineapple to look at while you work.


Step 5

Dip a strip of newspaper into the paste, and take off any excess paste with your fingers. Wrap the wet newspaper strip around the balloon.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 until the balloon is covered except for the area where the balloon is tied. Overlap the newspaper so every inch is covered, and allow the balloon to dry. Then, add another layer of newspaper to the balloon, and let it dry again.


Step 7

Pop the balloon by sticking a straight pin into it near where it is tied. Then, remove the balloon.

Step 8

Add one more layer of newspaper, including over the hole where the balloon was tied. Allow it to dry.


Step 9

Paint the paper mache pineapple white to cover up any printing that might show through from the newspaper. Let it dry, and then paint the pineapple yellow, green and black to look like a real fruit. Make it as realistic or as abstract as you want.

Step 10

Cut long, thin leaf shapes out of green construction paper. Attach them to the top of the pineapple.


Be prepared to get your hands dirty.


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