How to Fix a Knit Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Matching yarn

  • Crochet hook

  • Contrasting colored thread

  • Darning needle

  • Scissors

A hand-knitted baby blanket is a precious keepsake. If the blanket gets a hole in it, a repair will be necessary to keep it from unraveling. Repairing a hole in a knitted blanket can be tricky. Double-knitting can be done around the area affected, but the repair will be noticeable. There is another method that makes the repair much less obvious. The trick is to properly line up the stitches below the hole with the stitches above the hole.


Step 1

Unravel the broken yarn just enough to identify the open stitches.

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Step 2

Using the darning needle, loosely graft the open stitches at the top and the bottom of the hole with contrasting thread.

Step 3

Cut one piece of yarn for each row the hole affects. The pieces should be a few inches longer than the width of the hole.

Step 4

Using the darning needle, weave the pieces of yarn through the thread going under and over each thread across the hole. Alternate the weaving with each row. If on the first row you started by weaving under the first thread, on the second row you will start by weaving over the first thread.


Step 5

Using the crochet hook, chain stitch each column of stitches to the top of the hole with the yarn pieces. Hold the crochet needle above and left of the contrasting thread.

Step 6

After chain stitching all the columns, graft the last row closed using the last piece of yarn.


Step 7

Cut and remove the contrasting thread from the wrong side of the blanket.

Step 8

Weave in the ends of the pieces of yarn and the unraveling yarn.


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