How to Do Linking Magic Tricks

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Learning to do linking magic tricks can add a classic magic effect to your repertoire and dazzle your audience. One of the most famous linking magic tricks is the Chinese linking rings illusion, in which the magician bangs two metallic rings together causing them to become linked. The magician can interlink and separate the solid metal rings at will. This illusion can produce an impressive effect, but can only be done with special equipment. Learning to perform the trick requires hiding the trick's secret at all times.


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Find the Ring with the Cutout

Locate the Chinese linking ring that has the small section cut out of it. Lay the rings on the table so that the solid ring overlaps the ring with the small section cut out of it. Put the solid ring down so that the metal blocks the gap in the other ring.


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Grasp the Two Magic Rings

Pick up both magic rings, gripping the trick ring with the gap between your thumb and index finger. This makes it look like an ordinary ring. Place the real ring over your right arm. Hold the gap carefully between your thumb and index finger and pretend to show the entire ring. Work your free hand as if you are spinning the ring but just let your hand slide over it.


Position the Magic Trick

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Place the trick ring over you left arm, being careful to keep the open section at the inside of your elbow, out of view of your audience. Take the solid ring off your right arm and show that it is solid. Use the same move you did before but actually turn the ring. Practice the motion of doing this at home prior to performing. The real turning should look exactly like the fake one.


Grab and Bang

Grab the trick ring off your arm and cover the gap with your index finger and thumb. Bang the solid sections of the rings together to further convince the audience that they are solid. Bang them together again, but this time slip the solid ring through the gap in the trick ring, covering the gap with your index finger. Let the solid ring drop to show they are linked. Still cover the gap by holding it between your thumb and index finger.


Separate the Rings

Take the rings apart by performing the last move in reverse. Once the solid ring has been taken out of the hole, you can reveal that they are separated any way you wish.

Put Them Back Together

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Grip the trick ring in your fist so that the gap is obscured by your little finger. Hold the solid ring in your other hand. Bring the two rings together, as if you were hitting the solid ring with the trick ring. As you bring your hand down, tilt your wrist up to make the gap connect with the solid ring. When it has passed through, return your wrist to the normal position to cover the hole. Perform this quickly for the best effect.



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