How to Keep Cucumbers Fresh After Picking

Soak the cucumbers in water before adding to salad to remove some of the water in the cucumber.

The cucumbers you purchase at the grocery store normally have a wax coating, to prevent moisture loss. The edible coating gives the cucumbers a glossy appearance, while the cucumbers you pick from the garden are dull green. Pick the cucumbers in the early morning, before the sun has had time to heat them. Gardeners normally harvest pickling cucumbers daily, before they get too large. You can harvest slicing cucumbers as needed, yet if you allow them to get too large, they become tough. Larger cucumbers left on the plant will also prevent new growth.

Step 1

Place the cucumber in a perforated plastic bag.

Step 2

Store the bag of cucumbers in the refrigerator in an area that does not get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Do this immediately after harvesting.

Step 3

Keep the cucumbers refrigerated for up to three days before using. Store them loosely in the bag. Cucumbers normally spoil after a week of storage.


Do not store the cucumbers with apples or tomatoes, as that will hasten spoilage.