How to Make a Large Boxing Glove

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Things You'll Need

  • Large, red socks

  • Polyester stuffing

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Felt or fabric paint (optional)

Make large costume boxing gloves at home with red socks.

Professional boxing gloves are made from materials designed to protect the hands and eliminate injuries during boxing. It is nearly impossible to make boxing gloves that are safe to box with at home, because most people do not have the necessary supplies or skill to make gloves that will eliminate injuries. However, you can make large fake boxing gloves for a costume or play using just a few basic supplies found around the home.


Step 1

Stuff the inside of the sock with polyester stuffing. Make sure the heel of the sock sticks out from the rest of the sock. Leave about 6 inches of sock unstuffed. Push the cuff of the sock up inside the stuffed part of the sock.

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Step 2

Place your hands inside the boxing glove socks. Add or remove stuffing as necessary to create the glove shape around your hands.

Step 3

Sew the toe of the sock to the heel to make the rounded boxing glove shape. Make sure you can still place your hand inside.

Step 4

Add a few stitches to the inside cuff so that the cuff does not come out of the glove when you remove your hand. This will also help keep the stuffing inside the glove.

Step 5

Decorate the glove as desired, with paint or by sewing felt strips around the glove.


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