How to Make a Fake Cockroach With Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrap paper

  • Pencil

  • Cardboard or card stock

  • Scissors

  • Red paint

  • Brown paint

  • Paint brush

  • Newspaper

Use images of real cockroaches as inspiration for your craft.

The cockroach is easily one of the most abhorred insects on the planet, as these bugs are some of renters' and homeowners' most dreaded invaders. Though you may take pains to keep cockroaches from entering your living space, you might need to make dummy cockroaches for Halloween displays, theatrical and video productions, or as part of a school project. Whatever your reason, use cardboard or card stock to make simple yet effective fake cockroaches. Just remember not to leave them lying around for squeamish friends and family members to find.


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Step 1

Practice sketching cockroaches on scrap paper until you have a design you like, which should include cockroach antennae and legs. Cockroaches have six legs, including four smaller legs in the middle and toward the front of their bodies, as well as two, large, hind legs. Their bodies are oval in shape, though some species have more of a distinction between the head and the body than others. Create a thin oval to make a simple cockroach design. Cut the design out of the paper to use as a tracing.


Step 2

Trace the design onto a piece of card stock or cardboard. Cut the design out of the paper. Later you will fold the legs in to create a standing paper cockroach.

Step 3

Spread some newspaper for painting the cockroach. Cockroaches are generally a reddish-brown color, so mix your paints accordingly until you have a "cockroach hue" you like. Use several layers of paint on the top middle of the cockroach "shell" and one shade of paint to make the color lighter on the sides of the body, the legs, and the antennae. Allow the paint to dry for about 20 minutes.


Step 4

Fold the legs in to make a standing paper cockroach. Leave the antennae as is or fold them slightly upward before using the paper cockroach as desired.


Print out a large image of a cockroach to glue on top of a cardboard cockroach tracing as another craft option.