How to Make a Tube-Top Out of a T-Shirt Without Sewing

Re-purposing an old T-shirt is a fantastic way to expand your wardrobe while keeping old clothes out of the landfill. It is surprisingly easy to convert a T-shirt into a tube top with no sewing required. Visit your local thrift store to find a large selection of gently used T-shirts that promote just about anything you can think of. Choose solid colors to mix and match, or select shirts with intriguing designs or logos. Raid you own closet for shirts that no longer fit, or just need a little updating.

Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

Step 1

Lay the shirt out flat on the work surface.

Step 2

Cut around the collar to remove it.

Step 3

Cut the sleeves off completely, including the seam where they attached to the shirt.

Step 4

Apply a piece of masking tape across the shirt at the armpits.

Step 5

Cut the shirt through both layers of the shirt along the middle of the tape.

Step 6

Apply a piece of tape just inside each of the side seams and the bottom hem. Cut through each of these pieces of tape, being sure to cut through both layers.

Step 7

Remove all tape from the shirt. Now you are left with two large rectangles of fabric.

Step 8

Cut tabs along the edges of the two longer sides of the shirt 1 ½ inches deep and 1 ½ inches apart.

Step 9

Tie the tabs together with double knots.

Step 10

Wear the shirt with the ties down the side if your shirt has graphics, or down the front for more decoration.

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