How to Decorate an Interior Archway

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Things You'll Need

  • Stencils

  • Stencil paints

  • Floral swag

  • Molding

  • Lights

  • Sign banners

Be creative when decorating an interior archway.

Interior archways are a beautiful architectural feature in any home; however, they can be further enhanced in a variety of ways. Any decorating ideas that particularly follow the line of the archway will further accentuate it and draw attention. Avoid any decor shapes such as circles or squares above the archway. You have a choice of adding structurally to the archway such as doorway trim or adding a ransom or using paint options.


Step 1

Decorate your interior archway with inspirational words. Use letter stencils to copy your favorite quote for all to see or even one word that you find meaningful, such as "Family" or "Believe." You can purchase stencils that contain an entire sentence. Curve the letters to be parallel with the arch. Choose peel-and-stick stencils or use stencil paints.

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Step 2

Put up floral swags over your archway. They are just the right shape to fit over an archway in your home. Swags come in dried flowers or silk flowers and in a variety of colors and flowers. Choose swag colors that coordinate well with the colors in the room the archway is facing. Options include Victorian, Tuscany, copper rose, lemon foliage and magnolia swags.


Step 3

Use stencils to paint a design over the archway according to your design style and personal taste. Keep your overall decor style in mind; however, the options are endless. Consider an ivy vine that follows the shape of the arch. Other options include flowers, birds, butterflies, art deco, Asian, Celtic, Medieval, Shaker, Japanese, trees and stars.


Step 4

Change the structure of your interior archway by adding molding or doorway trim to the archway. It is possible to bend straight pieces of molding to apply exactly over the opening of the archway.

Step 5

Decorate your interior archway for special occasions and holidays. Put a Christmas swag with small, clear lights over the archway for the Christmas holidays. Change it to a harvest swag for Thanksgiving with fall colors. Hang a sign such as "Happy Birthday," "Happy New Year" or "Happy Anniversary" over the archway for other celebrations.


If you decide to paint a design on your archway, you don't have to stop at the top of the arch. Continue a design such as ivy or flowers down both sides of the archway as well.


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