How to Build an Electric Nutcracker

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Things You'll Need

  • 3-inch-square tough metal box

  • Pillar drill

  • Vice

  • Metal tap

  • 5-inch bolt

  • Hand-held electric drill

Break through nut shells the easy way with an electric nut cracker.

If you have a large nut harvest to shell, breaking all the nuts by hand can be tiring at best, and at worst all the nut cracking could land you with a case of repetitive strain injury. Electric nut crackers can be bought for a few hundred dollars but you can construct your own at a low cost with a few workshop tools.


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Step 1

Fit a 3-inch-square tough metal box in the vice. Position it under a pillar drill. Drill a hole through one of the sides.

Step 2

Lubricate the tap. Place the tip of the tap in the hole. Apply moderate pressure and make a clockwise turn. Uncsrew the tap, clear any burs, reinsert the tap and cut a further turn. Remove it again and remove the burs. Repeat this process until the thread is cut through the entire hole.


Step 3

Place the bolt inside the box. Place the tip in the hole and screw the bolt through hole. When the tip of the bolt is protruding 2 inches out of the side of the box, open up the chuck of the hand-held drill and close it around the tip of the bolt.

Step 4

Pull the trigger of the drill to move the bolt back and forth. Place a nut between the wall of the box and the head of the bolt. Squeeze the trigger of the drill to crush the nut with the bolt.