How to Naturally Repel Beetles in the House

Beetles belong outdoors, not in your home.
Beetles belong outdoors, not in your home. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

If you have beetles, such as carpet or Asian lady beetles, in your home, don't immediately go out and purchase an insecticide and start spraying. Rather, try a more natural approach to repelling and getting rid of the beetles. You can repel beetles in several ways and the more ways you implement, the more likely you'll succeed in ridding your home of those pesky beetles.

Things You'll Need

  • Caulk
  • Door flaps
  • Window strips or sealers
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Air tight containers
  • Sachets
  • Herbs
  • Boric acid

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Seal, caulk and repair areas where the beetles may be entering the home. This includes sealing and caulking around windows, doors and under siding and repairing broken screens. Gaps as small as 1/8 inch may enough for some beetles to slip through.

Keep your home clean. Vacuum rugs, upholstery and other fabrics, such as wall hangings, regularly. Loose natural fibers, dander and animal hairs are what many beetles are attracted to and if you keep your fabrics clean, the fewer problems you will have. Also, throw the vacuum bag away outdoors after vacuuming if you vacuumed up beetles or their larvae.

Store clean, unused natural fabrics, including sweaters, blankets and pillows, in air tight containers.

Sprinkle boric acid where beetles are coming into your home and in areas where the beetles are an issue. Use boric acid as instructed on the label. It is toxic, so don't use it around children and pets.

Place sachets of herbs, such as eucalyptus, pennyroyal, tansy or lavender, near where the beetles are an issue. According to New Mexico State University, this helps repel many insects, including beetles. Use with caution, especially around children and pets, because some herbs are toxic when ingested.


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