How to Address Baby Shower Envelopes

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Things You'll Need

  • Black or blue ink pen

  • Calligraphy pen

Before purchasing decorations, write out your baby shower invitations.

When planning a baby shower, one of the first things that needs to get checked off the list is sending out the invitations. Before purchasing decorations and putting in a cake order, compile a list of invitees with their correct addresses. Proper etiquette requires the addresses to be written out in a specific way depending on who lives at each household. Keep a few things in mind when writing out each invitation and its envelope.


Step 1

Keep the envelopes uniform by writing them out in blue or black ink. Write both the return address and recipient address in the same color. If you are printing out addresses, print both the return and recipient address.

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Step 2

Use titles. Instead of "Jane Doe," write out "Mrs. Jane Doe," if she is married, "Miss Jane Doe," is she is single or "Ms. Jane Doe" if she is divorced, separated, or you are unsure. Instead of "John Doe," write "Mr. John Doe."

Step 3

Write both names of a couple on the envelope, if both are invited and live in the same household. If the couple is married, write "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe." If the couple lives together, but are not married, write each name on a separate line and don't connect the names with "and." For example: "Mr. John Doe" skip a line and write "Ms. Jane Doe." If both are doctors, write "The Doctors Doe," but if one is a doctor and the other is not, write: "Dr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe."


Step 4

Use abbreviations and ampersands only in titles or if they are part of an actual word. Spell out the addresses including state names and road names like "Street" or "Avenue." Keep numbers in their numeral form. A finished address should look like this: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe 123 Center Way Sunrise, California 00000.


Use a calligraphy pen when writing out the addresses.


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