How to Make Your Own Underwear With No Sewing

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Thick cotton cloth

  • Baby diaper safety pins (2)

  • Duct tape

Duct tape comprises three layers of strength.

Making your own underwear with no sewing is essential in an emergency need for undergarments. A small child without a spare pair of training pants, for example, may need a temporary pair of briefs while on a long car ride. Duct tape is an ideal tool for creating makeshift underwear. Until you can purchase a fresh pair or find a needle and thread to make your own, use duct tape and a clean, square piece of cloth to create your underwear in no time.


Step 1

Measure and cut a piece of thick cotton cloth to 36-by-36 inches. Place the cloth onto a table top. Adjust the cloth so one of the corners is facing you.

Step 2

Pinch the top corner of the cloth. Fold the top half of the cloth over the bottom half -- so the top corner is now flush with the bottom corner. The cloth is now a double-sided triangle.

Step 3

Pull the top tip of the triangle up through the child's legs, until the tip is flush with the belly button. Pull the right and left corners up around the waist until they overlap the top tip.


Step 4

Pull the right-side tip across the left side of the waist until the cloth is taut. Pin the tip to the cloth with a baby diaper safety pin. Pull the left-side tip across the right side of the waist until the cloth is taught. Pin the tip to the cloth with a baby diaper safety pin.

Step 5

Wrap the pins in duct tape to prevent them from unlatching. Fold two to three pieces of duct tape over the overlapping flaps and top tip of the underwear -- under the belly button at the center -- to hold the shape of the garment in place.