How to Make a Sandwich Board Sign for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam board

  • Markers

  • Paint

  • Scissors

  • Rope

  • Wire

Sandwich board signs are a fun and easy way for kids to express themselves.

Sandwich board signs are a great way for kids to advertise their own fundraisers, lemonade stands, school events and other activities hoping to attract attention. A sandwich board sign with a unique message also serves as a creative Halloween costume idea. With the ease and simplicity of making a sandwich board sign, kids can make their own sign anytime.


Step 1

Buy two large sheets of foam board from a craft store or office supply store.

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Step 2

Write or paint a message on one side of each board, holding the boards vertically, so that they are tall rather than wide.

Step 3

Use scissors to poke two holes towards the ends of the top of each board, so that the wearer's shoulders will hold the sandwich board when it is finished.

Step 4

Draw a piece of rope or wire through the front of the board's holes and into the adjacent holes in the back. Use enough rope or wire so that the child's head can fit between the two boards when the sandwich board sign is pulled over his head.


Step 5

Tie the ends of each rope or wire together.

Step 6

Pull the sandwich board sign over the child's head. Pull the sandwich board sign down so that the child's head is between the two ropes or wires and his arms come out the sides, between the two boards.


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