How to Hide a Clothing Rack in a Bedroom

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Things You'll Need

  • Room divider

  • Curtain

  • Storage boxes

Room dividers create an organized-looking makeshift closet.

Storage space is a frequent problem in urban living. Solving the space issue in apartments, condominiums and other small homes is an exercise in creativity. Many furniture companies offer a variety of clothing rack options to hang your clothes, but storing them out of sight in a room with minimal or nonexistent closet space offers another challenge. With careful planning and dedication to organization, you can successfully keep your clothing rack hidden away while simultaneously keeping your bedroom looking tidy.


Step 1

Buy curtains in a material that matches the rest of your decor and hang them from a track installed in the ceiling or a tension wire to create a makeshift closet. Store out-of-season clothes in storage boxes under your bed to keep your rack from getting overcrowded and messy.

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Step 2

Use a room divider to separate your clothing rack from the rest of the room. Solid room dividers offer a space to decorate and personalize with posters, photographs or other memorabilia.

Step 3

Leave your clothing rack in the open or incorporate it into your bedroom layout. Nooks and corners make excellent alternatives to closets, and a well-organized clothing rack will blend into your room's design while still looking clutter-free.


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