How to Make an Antler Ring

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Things You'll Need

  • Bench vise

  • Felt pad

  • Deer antler point

  • Bone saw

  • Diamond boring bit

  • Electric hand drill

  • Fine sandpaper

Turn shed antlers into fashionable finger rings.

Rings symbolize commitment, marriage, love and, sometimes, just that you have excellent taste. Traditionally, finger rings are made of metal and set with colorful stones. However, fashions shift, bringing in rings made from bone, plastic, glass and even wood. Though these specialty rings may be more expensive than traditional metal rings, you can keep your money in your wallet. Instead, create your own original ring at home from deer antler. These rings are eco-friendly and wallet-friendly.


Step 1

Open a bench vise and line it with a felt pad. The pad allows you to tighten the vise without scratching, denting or cracking the antler.

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Step 2

Slip a piece of deer antler into the vise. For a single antler point, leave about 2 inches of the broad point base sticking out of the side of the vise.

Step 3

Saw through the antler with a bone saw, using firm, smooth strokes to get an antler "button." The button may be 1/8 inch thick to 1 1/2 inches thick, depending on how wide you like your finger rings.

Step 4

Choose a diamond boring bit about 1/8 inch less in diameter than your antler button. For instance, if your button measures 1 inch across, choose a 7/8-inch boring bit. This ensures you remove all the marrow material without weakening the ring walls.


Step 5

Secure the button, flat side up, very tightly in the vise. It should not wobble or move at all. You may also push it down to the bottom of thevvise and secure it there. The drill bit should fit down into the space.

Step 6

Drill slowly down into the center of the antler button. Don't push; let the bit do the work. This will take some time.


Step 7

Remove the hollowed button, now a ring, from the vise. Rub the inside of the ring with fine sandpaper until it's smooth and comfortable to wear.


Collect shed deer antlers from the wild or purchase them online. These antlers fall from bucks' heads each fall. Collecting and using them for art does no harm to the deer. If you have an entire antler rack, cut off one of the points before sawing your ring piece. Smaller pieces are easier to handle.


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