How to Make a Barbie Toilet

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Things You'll Need

  • Hardening sculpting clay

  • Butter knife

You can make Barbie a toilet that looks much like your own using modeling clay.

To complete your Barbie house, your doll needs a toilet for her bathroom. Unfortunately, these are hard to come by at your local toy store. You can make your own Barbie toilet using hardening modeling or sculpting clay and your kitchen oven.


Step 1

Shape a piece of modeling dough or sculpting clay the size of a golf ball into a square. Do this by pressing each side of the dough onto a flat surface. This will be the tank of the toilet.

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Step 2

Shape another piece of modeling or sculpting clay the size of a golf ball into a circle by gently rolling it between your hands.


Step 3

Cut the ball of dough in half.

Step 4

Push your fingers into the flat side of the half circle to make it concave. This is the bowl of the toilet.

Step 5

Press one side of the bowl to the lower half of the tank.


Step 6

Shape a piece of modeling dough or sculpting clay the size of two golf balls into a square.

Step 7

Gently roll the center of the square between your index fingers until the square elongates into a rectangle. Pinch the sides of the rectangle to create a slight indent in the center of the rectangle.


Step 8

Place the bowl and the tank onto the rectangle and press down slightly.

Step 9

Flatten out a piece of dough with your hands until it is around 1/4-inch thick.

Step 10

Cut two circles from the flattened dough that are a little bigger than the bowl of the toilet.


Step 11

Cut a smaller circle in the center of one of the circles to create a seat for the toilet. The other circle will be the lid.

Step 12

Place the seat onto the bowl and pinch the area where the seat and the bowl meet beside the tank.


Step 13

Press the lid in an upright position against the tank.

Step 14

Roll a small piece of dough the size of a pea into an oval. Press the oval to the tank for the toilets flushing handle.

Step 15

Follow the directions on the package of hardening sculpting clay on how to dry the clay in your oven.


Use a color of dough that matches your other Barbie house furniture so that you don't have to paint the toilet.


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