How to Make a Cheap Choir Robe

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors

  • Pattern

  • Straight pins

A choir robe doesn't have to cost a million bucks for the choir to look good.

Many different varieties of choir robes are in existence today. Fabric types range from under a dollar per yard up to tens of dollars per square foot. Custom embellishments for choir robes add significant expense due to the labor required to create the unique designs. Choir robes don't have to be expensive. By eliminating unnecessary components and selecting a simple pattern, choir robes can be constructed very inexpensively.

Step 1

Visit the fabric store to find the least expensive fabric that is available. Ask the store clerk to show you fabrics that are unlikely to be discontinued. Do not choose a discontinued fabric that will be unavailable later on, when more robes need to be sewn because the size of the choir has grown. Select a fabric to make the robes that is durable. Ask the store clerk to provide advice on this. Do not choose a fabric that is subject to fraying.

Step 2

Set the fabric on a large table. Place the pattern on top of the fabric. Attach the pattern to the fabric using pins. Cut the fabric out. Follow the directions on the pattern to produce the correct size.

Step 3

Attach the parts of the robe that have been cut out using straight pins. First, connect the panels that will form the body of the robe. Turn the body portion inside out. Connect the upper portion of the sleeves onto the armholes of the body using straight pins. Make sure that the wrong side of the sleeves face out.

Step 4

Cut the robe sleeves and hem, so that they are the correct length. Sew the choir robe together along each of the seams. Sew the hem at the bottom of the robe and each of the sleeves last.


Do not add design accents, such as embroidery, to the choir robe. Each accent added will increase the final cost.

If decorative trim is necessary, look for cheaper versions that look the same.

Select a pattern that uses only one color of fabric.


Don’t use a cheap thread. Using a cheap thread increases the odds that the choir robe will come apart or fray at the seams.

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