How to Replace a Trane XE1000 Capacitor

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Jumper cables

  • Resistor

Capacitors are also used in small electronics.

The Trane XE1000 capacitor is used in air conditioning units. The capacitor is used to supply extra power for peak times, which avoids a surge or short. Over time, the capacitor can become worn or rusted and may stop functioning. It will then need to be replaced. Capacitors are inexpensive and the installation takes only a few minutes. Always make sure to discharge the old capacitor after it is removed.


Step 1

Disconnect power to the air conditioner from the main line. This may involve turning off the breaker.

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Step 2

Remove the housing at the back of the A/C unit. There should be screws at the bottom of the unit.


Step 3

Locate the capacitor. The capacitor is a cylinder 1 foot high and 3 inches in diameter. It should have two wires connected to it. One will be connected to a terminal marked "+", the other will be connected to a terminal marked with a "-" symbol.

Step 4

Disconnect the negative wire first. Remember which wire is positive and which is negative.


Step 5

Disconnect the positive wire.

Step 6

Remove the capacitor from the mounting bracket. It should pop right out when lifted.

Step 7

Insert a new capacitor into the mounting bracket.


Step 8

Connect the positive wire to the capacitor.

Step 9

Connect the negative wire to the capacitor.

Step 10

Close the housing.


Step 11

Reconnect power. Turn on the unit to test the connection.

Step 12

Discharge the old capacitor. Connect jumper cables to the capacitor's positive and negative terminals. Connect the cables to something that will drain the power, such as a 200K resistor.


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