How to Make a Trombone With Cardboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Two cardboard tubes

  • Scissors

  • Rubber bands

Cardboard tubes are potential trombones.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have fun with your kids. Making musical instruments out of everyday household objects is an inexpensive way to help children to develop their artistic and musical skills at the same time. A trombone can be easily made with two cardboard tubes. A cardboard trombone operates on the same principle as a real trombone. Musical notes are produced by shortening and extending a tube while producing a buzzing sound with your lips.


Step 1

Select two cardboard tubes for the trombone. One tube should be slightly larger in diameter so that the smaller tube fits inside the larger tube. Gift-wrapping cardboard tubes work well and come in a variety of sizes. The smaller tube should fit snugly inside the larger tube but it needs to move freely.

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Step 2

Insert the smaller tube inside of the larger tube. The smaller tube may simply fit into the larger tube. Another option is to cut the larger tube with a pair of scissors from one end to the other. Insert the smaller tube inside of the larger tube. Close and fasten the larger tube with two rubber bands. If the smaller tube is too loose, wrap masking tape around the smaller tube to make a more snug fit.


Step 3

Practice making buzzing noises with your lips. Hold your bottom and upper lip together and vibrate your lips to produce the buzzing sound.

Step 4

Place your lips on the smaller tube. Grasp the smaller tube with your left hand and the larger tube with your right hand. Make buzzing noises with your lips as you blow air through the tubes.

Step 5

Move the larger tube back and forth while continuing to make buzzing sounds through the smaller tube.


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