How to Mount Blinds to Concrete

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Things You'll Need

  • Masonry drill bit

  • Drill

  • Plastic anchors and screws

  • Phillips screwdriver

Most manufacturers include the necessary hardware for mounting their window blinds to wood. Sometimes, though, you find that the material behind your drywall is concrete or the wall is concrete. Mounting blinds to concrete is the same process as mounting to wood but employs different fasteners. It is necessary to use drill bits designed for concrete when drilling the mounting holes. Blinds are a light-duty application and often mount to concrete with a simple plastic sleeve anchor available at home improvement centers.


Step 1

Hold the blind headrail level over the window. Trace each end of the blinds onto the wall with a pencil. Place a small line on the wall under the center of the blind with the pencil. Take down the blinds and set them aside.

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Step 2

Position one of the end brackets next to one of the end tracings on the wall. The bracket should be to the outside of the line. Mark the two bracket mounting holes onto the wall with a pencil. Repeat for the opposite side. Place the center bracket below the center trace line and mark its mounting hole on the wall.


Step 3

Insert a masonry bi that is the same diameter as the plastic anchor into a drill. Drill pilot holes at each mounting mark on the wall to a depth of 2 inches.

Step 4

Push the plastic anchors into each of the holes with your fingers. Tap the anchors with a hammer until they are flush against the wall.


Step 5

Place the brackets on the wall, lining up the mounting holes with the anchors. Secure the brackets with the screws for the anchor and a Phillips screwdriver. Once the blind brackets are mounted, continue with the blind assembly according to the manufacturer's instructions.



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