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a side table made from a tree trunk, a bowl of tomatoes, an herb garden in a pot.
Overhead shot of potted plants and gardening tools.
How to make a vertical planter.
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Backyard BBQ: Keep Your Guests Happy and the Bugs Out
Backyard BBQ: Keep Your Guests Happy and the Bugs Out
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Powdery mildew in the garden.
herbs in pot
Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina, with  rose garden in foreground

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Bearded irises before transplanting
Green hedge borders a brick path in planted garden
Stone pathway walkway lane path with green trees and bushes in garden. Beautiful alley in park.
Create a geometric log side table.
Build a geometric planter from cedar fence pickets.

DIY Chicken Wire Planter Box

Hanging herb planters with metal barbecue skewer garden markers

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unatural mist
Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus
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Purple flowering thistle
Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada mountains, California