Why Will the Blades Not Engage on a Hustler Mower?

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A riding lawn mower required regular care and maintenance.

A Hustler mower, as with any riding lawn mower, must be properly maintained to work properly. Starting and running a Hustler mover requires adherence to certain procedures that can be found in the owner's manual.



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Manually inspect the blades and blade spindle for packed dirt and grass clippings. A build up of debris, dry or wet can restrict the movement of the blades.

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The blade spindle bolt should be tightened after the first two hours of operation and every 100 hours after that. This spindle should be tightened to a specified torque value and should be done by a professional. The owner's manual should provide a torque value chart.

Blade Damage

A bent or otherwise damaged blade may keep the blade from engaging properly. Inspect blades for damage prior to mowing and after hitting a rock or other objects.

Time Out

As a power saving feature, the blade engagement ability will time out if the machine sits idle for too long. In this case, the digital display codes should read "02A54."