Where Can You Purchase a Cherokee Rose Bush?

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The Cherokee Rose is native to China and Taiwan and was brought to the United States in 1790 aboard tea trading ships. The Cherokee Rose did so well in the South it is considered a pest plant by some gardening groups, which have attempted to stop its sale and propagation. A hardy, fast-growing thorny rose, the Cherokee Rose has even been honored as the state flower of Georgia.



Cherokee Rose bushes are available from online rose growers and in some local nurseries, particularly in Georgia and neighboring states. In some areas, however, local gardening associations and some extension services oppose the sale and growing of Cherokee Roses and can make it hard for you to obtain plantings locally.


Florists don't generally stock Cherokee Roses. They are simpler than the more exotic varieties and not as showy. Because of its state flower status, however, many local and online florists in Georgia do carry arrangements that feature Cherokee Roses. If you want to order Cherokee Roses or plants, you may be able to order them through a Georgia florist that will find a supplier in your local area for you.



Because the Cherokee Rose has "gone native" in many parts of the country, it's relatively easy to obtain a cutting that you can graft or root yourself. Check with your local Master Gardener program or your county extension agent to find out if anyone in your area grows them and to see if you can obtain a cutting.


Because of their tendency to overspill flowerbeds and seed themselves along the fringes of nearby forests, Cherokee Roses are considered an invasive species in some parts of the country. Planting them could make you unpopular with neighbors when the distinctive white flowers appear as part of your landscape.