How Long Is the Oat Growing Season?

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Oats take approximately six months to grow from seed to harvest.

Oats are a cereal grain and the grass is grown for use in pastures as animal feed. It is also grown in fields for human and animal consumption of the grain. Growing it at the right time of the year is essential for a healthy oat crop.


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Oats are grown as a spring crop and thrive in cool, moist climates. Sow the seeds at the time of the last spring frost and they will be ready for harvest by early fall. Approximately 80 lbs. of oat seed is needed per acre.


Mature oat plants grow between 2 and 5 feet tall. Oats need very little care after sowing until harvest time.



Oats can be harvested while they still have a small amount of green coloring on them. After the grains are cut, gather them into shocks, or groups of bundles, and left to dry in the field.