My Down Comforter Is Leaking Feathers

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Use a protective liner on your down comforter to prevent fill leaks.

All down comforters occasionally leak feathers, which can be irritating against your skin. Follow a few simple steps to prevent leaks and increase the life span of your down comforter.



Cover your down comforter with a protective, zippered liner before slipping it into a high-quality duvet. Fabrics with higher thread counts allow fewer feathers to escape through the fibers, and covered comforters only need to be cleaned every three to five years. You also can spray a starch solution lightly over the comforter to toughen the fibers and prohibit leaks before placing in the liner.


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Make your bed each morning and fluff the entire comforter to aerate the down fill. This prevents the matting of feathers, which contributes to leaking fill.


Hand sew or use iron-on patches to cover any holes as soon as they develop. Fill any baffled sections with appropriate replacement down if you have lost a significant amount of fill.



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