What Kind of Paint Should You Use to Paint a Toilet Bowl?

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Choose an appliance epoxy spray paint to paint your toilet bowl.

Breathe new life into your tarnished or mismatched toilet bowl by refinishing it with paint. Choose a paint that's specifically formulated to remain durable in adverse conditions. Condition the toilet bowl in the proper manner, or it will reject its new finish, regardless of what type of paint you choose.



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Ordinary latex and acrylic paints are inappropriate for toilet bowls. Choose an appliance epoxy spray paint that's engineered to promote an attractive glossy finish that will stand up well against moisture-based duress.

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No type of paint will adhere to a toilet bowl unless it is primed. Apply an acrylic latex spray primer before you start painting, or the appliance epoxy paint will ultimately flake.



Primer will not adhere to the toilet bowl unless it is abraded first. Once you've drained all of the water and allowed the toilet bowl to dry, scour the surface with 180-grit sandpaper until it feels slightly gritty.


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