Can You Put Drano in a Septic System?

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Septic systems rely on bacteria that can live without oxygen to break solid waste into liquid and gas form. Drano products, which use harsh chemicals to break down clogged material in sinks, are safe in septic systems.


All Drano products are safe to use if you have a septic system, according to the Drano website. You should, however, only use the amount of product prescribed on the label.


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Drano's buildup prevention chemicals help prevent clogs and keep septic systems and all of your plumbing running smoothly, according to the Drano blog. Drano Pipe and Septic Care, like a septic system, uses bacteria to dissolve grime and dirt.


Even if you use Drano prevention or any other Drano product with your septic system, Drano recommends having a professional inspect the system every two to three years or whenever your local health board requires an inspection.


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