How Often Do You Water Zucchini Squash?

Zucchini squash plants need to be watered frequently.
Zucchini squash plants need to be watered frequently. (Image: Zucchini – Gemüse mit Blüte image by Marem from

Zucchini are one of the most popular types of squash to grow in the garden. These plants grow most heartily during the warm summer months and when watered properly, they can produce large amounts of fruit.

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Zucchini squash need water daily. This is especially true during the hottest parts of the summer and when there has been an especially dry spell in your area.


Zucchini plants like to grow in soil that is consistently and uniformly moist. Watering from below helps to produce soil conditions that will encourage the plant to grow well while also helping to prevent fungus from growing on the leaves.


Overwatering a zucchini squash plant can cause the cells in the leaves to swell, producing blistery blemishes on the foliage and fruit. This can also happen if there is an overabundance of rain.


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