Why Is Gouda Healthier Than Other Cheese?

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Gouda cheese has been identified as a source of probiotic bacteria.

Gouda is a traditional Dutch cheese. Often included with breakfast in European countries, Gouda has been shown to offer health benefits and is considered a good addition to a healthy diet.


Facts About Gouda

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Gouda is a bright yellow cheese made from cow's milk. It is shaped as a wheel, soaked in brine and coated with wax. The cheese is then allowed to age for 18 months. Gouda, which is creamy with an intense flavor, is available in a smoked variety. It pairs well with beer and wine.

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Cavity Prevention

Gouda can contribute to healthy teeth when eaten after meals. In addition to containing calcium, it is low in lactose, which has been shown to damage teeth. It is considered an aid in the prevention of tooth decay.


Immune System Benefits

Gouda, a source of probiotic bacteria, can strengthen the immune system when eaten regularly.



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