Specs on a Polaris 250 Trail Boss

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Polaris Industries has been manufacturing vehicles since 1954. Polaris' Trail Boss 250 is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle with a rear-wheel-drive system.


The engine in the Polaris 250 Trail Boss all-terrain vehicle has 244 cubic centimeters of displacement. This two-stroke engine is an air-cooled and supplied with fuel through a 30-mm carburetor system.


This all-terrain vehicle has a 49.75-inch wheelbase, and was constructed to a length of 73.2 inches and a width of 44 inches. The Polaris 250 Trail Boss is 44 inches tall from the ground to its highest point.

Other Specs

These vehicles were fitted with an automatic-transmission system. The maximum fuel capacity on the Trail Boss was 4 gallons, while maximum oil capacity is 2 quarts. These all-terrain vehicles rolled off assembly lines at 425 lb.

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