The Process Involved in Extracting Sucrose From Sugar Cane

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Most of the sugar consumed today is produced from sugar cane.

Sucrose is the substance that we refer to as table sugar. It is derived from either sugar beets or sugar cane. Sucrose obtained from sugar cane is extracted by means of a number of steps, including extracting, evaporating and drying.


Extracting the Juice

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Once sugar cane has been picked, it is transported to a mill. There the canes are crushed by steel rollers in order to extract the juice.

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Evaporating the Liquid

The juice is boiled in order to produce a syrup. Sugar crystals start to form at this stage. The sugar crystals are separated from the rest of the syrup.

Drying the Crystals

Once the sugar crystals have been separated, they are dried and stored. It is at this stage that the sugar will be refined and graded.



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