How do I Install a New Gutter on a Mobile Home?

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Gutters for your mobile home.

Mobile homes have water issues. Heavy rain threatens the integrity of windowsills, and water tends to pool in low spots directly under the mobile home. Dealing with rain requires several approaches. One essential approach is the installation of gutters.


Select the Gutters

Your choices for guttering a mobile home may be sectional or seamless. They may be steel, steel and copper, aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl and aluminum are preferred for the lighter materials in most mobile homes.


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Gather the following tools and materials:

Gutters, with leaf guards, downspouts, seamers, connectors, elbows, and caps Silicone caulk Screws Level Square Twine Tape measure Punch Drill with bits Slip-joint pliers Pencil Tin snips Jigsaw File Ladder


Make Your Mark

Calculate your slope. With a pencil, mark the line for your gutters to fall. The fall line should "drop" one-quarter inch every 10 feet.

Make the Cut

Calculate the lengths of each side of the mobile home. Subtract one-quarter inch for the seams on each measurement. These are your main gutter lengths. Cut each gutter, using the square to ensure a 90-degree cut. Wear gloves.


Make the Connections

Connect the hanging brackets to the gutters. Begin with the first end bracket, 6 inches from the end. Space the brackets 2 feet apart. Screw the brackets in under the eaves, following your line.


Final Steps

Trace your downspout holes on the gutters. Use the punch and jigsaw to cut the holes. File the sharp edges. Attach the gutter sleeves. Line it with silicone. Measure the downspouts. Cut the downspouts. Attach them. Install caps, ends, and elbows, and crimp. Band the downspouts. The last step in the installation of your mobile home gutters is to caulk. Caulk every seam you can see. Caulking gutters prevents them freezing in winter. Recaulking is an annual ritual once they are installed.


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