How Fast Does an Orange Tree Grow?

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Orange trees are mature at about 10 years old.

The orange is a nutritious fruit that grows well in temperate climate zones. It is suited to growing in a large container in climates where winter temperatures often drop below freezing. Its growth rate is dependent on several factors.

Sun and Soil

When orange trees grow in full sun with well-draining soil, they grow faster and stronger than trees that are deprived of sun or that sit in soggy soil for prolonged periods of time. Healthy trees can reach 25 to 50 feet tall when they are mature.


If an orange tree is not subjected to cold temperatures and does not receive frost damage, it will grow faster than a tree that is forced to live under less-than-ideal conditions. Any temperature lower than 35 F can harm an orange tree and cause frost damage, according to Purdue University. Ideal temperatures range from 55 to 100 F. Annual rainfall of 5 to 60 inches is conducive to orange tree growth.

Valencia and Navel Oranges

Valencia oranges are grown for their juice, which is sweet and plentiful. Navel oranges have no seeds. Valencia and navel orange trees will begin producing fruit within three years of planting a budded tree. A few fruit might form during its first or second year of life, but you should pinch these off. By the third growing season, these oranges will produce 5 to 25 pounds of fruit. When it is mature, at about age 10, each type of orange tree can produce over 100 pounds.