Remedy to Get Rid of Bats

Bats are agile fliers, which can make getting them out of a house difficult. Bats seek isolated places to roost, thus they are often found in attics or basements. While many people call exterminators to get rid of bats, you can also try some basic home remedies.

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Open Windows

The easiest way to get rid of a bat is to simply let it fly out on its own. A startled bat doesn't want to stay in a house any more than you want it there. Gather all members of the house into one room and open up all the windows and doors in the other rooms. While this method may take some time, the bat will eventually fly out an opening.

Nab the Bat

For the more daring individual, one potential remedy is to simply capture the bat. Use a net and be sure to wear gloves. Be careful to avoid being bitten by the bat when setting it free, as bats are a common carrier of rabies.


Simple dog or cat repellent is also effective against bats. You don't use the repellent directly on bats but instead spray it where they roost. To identify where bats are roosting, follow their guano (bat droppings) back to the source. Spray the area when the bats are out feeding at night; the repellent will discourage them from returning.


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