How Long Will Pork Tenderloin Keep in the Freezer?

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Pork tenderloins are a popular cut of pork. Freezing can keep pork tenderloins on hand without the risk of bacteria, however, they must be frozen properly to extend their shelf life.


Freezing Freshly Butchered Pork

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How you prepare pork tenderloin for freezing is important. For long-term freezing of fresh pork from the butchers, it is best to wrap the polystyrene tray the fresh pork comes in with cling wrap to prevent air from entering. It is important that the meat is either refrigerated or frozen within two hours to prevent spoiling.

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Freezing Store-Bought Pork

Your store-bought pork tenderloin must be properly wrapped in cling wrap or aluminum foil before it goes in the freezer. Without proper preparation, storing your pork tenderloin in the freezer is unlikely to extend the shelf life at all and may very well allow in bacteria and spoilage.


Freezing Time

Ideally, you should eat your pork tenderloin within three months for maximum nutrition and taste. However, it can be kept for four to 12 months in the freezer if properly stored and wrapped.



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