Brown Spots on Azalea Leaves

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Brown spots on Azalea leaves are a sign of damage.

Brown spots on Azalea leaves are common yet treatable. With the right knowledge, you can prevent brown spots on the leaves of your Azalea plant and take proper steps to inhibit them from returning.


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Brown spots on Azalea leaves are commonly caused by a fungal disease known as Colletotrichum Azaleae. According to, this fungus causes round brown areas visible on both the upper and lower surfaces of infected leaves.



Another cause of brown spots on Azalea leaves comes from environmental factors. Gardening Know How claims that frost damage, nutrient deficiencies, inappropriate watering and too much or too little light can all cause discolorations on the leaves. It is important to consider these possibilities when deciding where to position your plant.



Protect the plant from frost, feed it nitrogen and iron, provide the plant with an inch of water per week and protect it from too much sunlight. By taking these precautions, you can avoid browning on the leaves. If these steps have been taken and there are still brown spots on the leaves, it is most likely from Colletotrichum Azaleae. According to, the best way to prevent this disease is to fertilize and water the plant, surround it with mulch, and maintain a proper soil pH level. Remove infected leaves and prune the limbs to promote circulation.



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