Difference Between Almond Bark & Dipping Chocolate

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One of the most popular flavors in the world, chocolate makes almost anything taste better. Almond bark and dipping chocolate are often used to coat other foods.


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Dipping chocolate is real chocolate that is melted or tempered in a precise way. Almond bark, also called confectionery or summer coating, is an artificial chocolate made with vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter.



Almond bark is easy to melt, readily available and simple to use. Dipping chocolate is made from more natural ingredients and provides a rich chocolate taste.


Almond bark can be melted at high power in the microwave or over low heat on the stove top. Real chocolate needs to be tempered before dipping. Tempering is the process of melting and cooling chocolate to the correct temperature.



Candies made with almond bark have a higher melting temperature and hold their shape in your mouth longer leaving a waxy mouth feel. Candies made using dipping chocolate will have a smooth mouth feel.



Once the almond bark and dipping chocolate are prepared the melted product can be used for candy molds or for dipping candies, berries, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit and other foods.