How High Should a Drink Shelf Be Along a Wall

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A drink shelf is one of the eye-catching centerpieces of a commercial bar or lounge, with its broad assortment of alcoholic beverages, stylish glasses, equipment and adornments. It can be the same way in your home. However, when deciding the height at which to install such a shelf, you must consider several different and sometimes contradictory criteria.



A drink shelf, especially one that is frequently used, should be as ergonomic as possible. To minimize the risk of shoulder injuries and unsafe reaching, drink shelves above counters should be placed as low as is practical, but not farther down than waist-level.


Drink shelves are often an aesthetic focal point of a room. To increase their visual prominence, they should be placed just below eye level, 50 to 65 inches above the floor. Remember to account for the height of the contents of the shelf, which of course will be higher than the shelf itself.


Placement Above a Counter

If you are placing your shelf above a counter or a bar, give yourself at least two feet of vertical space between the counter and the drink shelf so that you can work on the counter without being interrupted by the shelf.

Complementary Design

Oftentimes, shelf additions are constrained in scope by existing furniture, cabinetry, windows or other features (besides counters). For both utility and appearance, you must place your shelf at a height that does not interfere with the access to, or enjoyment of, these other architectural elements.


Child Safety

Drink shelves should be placed out of reach of young children because of the risk that they might pull down a heavy object onto themselves.