What Paint Color Should Be Used on a Handicapped Ramp?

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Ramps for individuals with handicaps require certain characteristics to make them as safe as possible. The color can be important to a person's ability to navigate the ramp safely.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies color requirements for handicap parking spaces. However, no color regulations exist regarding handicap ramps.


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The main consideration in determining which paint color to use on a ramp is the surrounding colors. The safest color for the ramp will be the color that contrasts the most with surrounding structures.


Parking Lots

White contrasts well with black parking lots and is the color that the ADA requires for handicap symbols in parking spaces. Light blue is sometimes used in addition to white.


Dark colors work well against lighter structures. Bright colors will show up against dark surroundings. Fluorescent paint will be more visible in low light and at night.



The ramp should be easily visible from a distance as well as close up. The full width of the ramp must be painted. Reflective tape may be placed at the edges of the ramp to increase the visibility at those points.


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