Difference Between Market Umbrella & Patio Umbrella

Market umbrella
Market umbrella (Image: Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of cassandra lavalle)

Choosing an umbrella for your backyard can involve a decision between a market or patio umbrella. Things to consider include construction material, opening mechanisms and placement in your yard.

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A patio umbrella generally has an aluminum pole and a crank mechanism that you turn to open and close it. A market umbrella has a thicker wooden pole with an opening system that is either a single pulley or a double pulley.


Each type of umbrella is available in widths of 5 feet to 11 feet to cover large areas. The thicker hardwood center pole of a market umbrella may not always fit in the center insert on a table.


A market umbrella is heavier than a patio umbrella due to the hardwood construction and is available in a center pole design. The patio umbrella has options of an offset or cantilever design, which allows you to tilt it to shade specific areas.


A freestanding patio umbrella is useful in any area and there are off-the-wall designs that are flat on one side to place next to the house. A commercial use market umbrella will generally cost about 20 percent more than a patio umbrella in the same size, though prices vary greatly from each retailer.


Both the market and patio umbrella provide shade to keep you cooler but more importantly they protect you and your children from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some styles are available with pre-wired lighting inside for nighttime use.


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