What Siding Colors Match With a Yellow Brick House?

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The outside appearance of our homes influences the first impression people get of our families. When selecting the color of siding to match yellow brick, your choice will affect how people perceive your family You can choose colors to make your home blend into the neighborhood or to complement your individual personality.



Choosing white or light beige siding to go with yellow siding will subdue the colors. This would be ideal for older neighborhoods and highly conservative developments.

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Shades of blue will complement the yellow coloring of your brick. Lighter shades of blue will have a calming effect, while darker shades will give a bolder look to the home.



Applying gray or brown siding will create a contrasting appearance for your brick. This contrast will brighten and draw attention to the brick instead of the siding.


Using matching yellow siding will give a unity to the exterior of the home. Many contractors are willing to bring out color charts for available siding and custom orders are always possible.



For a eclectic look to your home, choose red for your siding. The two primary colors will not blend and will leave a distinct visual sectioning of the home.



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