What Is Anolon Cookware Made of?

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Man putting dry spaghetti in Anolon pot on stove
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Anolon is the brand name of a nonstick cookware collection featuring several lines. Anolon is owned by Meyer Manufacturing, which also owns the brands Circulon and Farberware. Each Anolon line features different materials, but the company made its mark by popularizing anodized aluminum nonstick pans that were also dishwasher-safe.


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Anodized Aluminum

Anolon gets its name from the anodized aluminum used as a base for its cookware. Aluminum has several advantages when it comes to making pots and pans -- it's light, inexpensive and conducts heat well. Unfortunately, untreated aluminum will react with foods, especially acidic ones such as tomatoes, leaving behind a tinny taste. Anodized aluminum has been sealed with an oxidized layer, turning it nonreactive. Anodization also makes aluminum harder and more durable.


Theme and Variations

Depending on the line in question, Anolon brand cookware may incorporate a layer of stainless steel, copper or bronze into its composition. Copper and bronze increase a pan's head conductivity while stainless steel increases its durability.