The Meaning of Lilac Roses

Lilac roses have special meanings.

Lilac and lavender roses are unique. Their eye-catching color almost brings to mind the fabled blue rose, which has been unattainable. Sending someone a single lilac-colored rose or a whole bouquet is a memorable gift. Before you send that unique blossom, however, you should know the meaning behind its color so there are no misunderstandings between you and the recipient.

Love at First Sight

A lilac rose has been traditionally sent to convey the message that someone has fallen in love at first sight. Whereas red stands for passion and purple has been known tto convey never-ending love, the simple lilac or lavender rose shows the promise of what is to come. Just as that first flush of love is exciting, so the lilac rose shows that first flush with its delicate coloration.


All shades of purple roses can seem improbable and may lead one to thoughts of possible magic spells, charms and enchantments placed upon the rose to bring out such a unique color. Lilac, lavender and purple roses are often sent to show that the sender is enchanted or bewitched by the recipient. It could be the precursor to falling in love.

Precious and Rare

Because shades of lavender and lilac are not common in roses, receiving one can show that someone thinks the recipient is unique and rare. A lilac rose may represent the mysterious and unknown, wonder and magic, or the impossible. If you receive a lilac rose, you will know that the sender truly treasures you for your unique qualities. Lavender and lilac can also represent discretion and control.


While the red rose is associated with love, passion and romance, the lilac or purple rose also has an association with romance. The unique coloration of lilac roses appears to be right out of a fairy tale. When someone sends a rose in this color, he may be intimating that he would like to have a fairy tale romance with the lucky recipient.


Lilac and lavender roses are available in many rose varieties. Hybrid tea roses, miniature roses and old roses all come in shades of purple and lavender. While the hybrid teas are the most popular choice for cut bouquets, the other varieties are given as old-fashioned cut flowers or as living specimens. Some popular varieties of lilac and lavender roses include "Blue Moon," "Barbra Streisand," "Perfume Perfection," and "Angel Face."