Different Kinds of Table Skirting

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There are many different types of table skirts.
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Table skirting is just as the name implies – a skirt for a table. Table skirts consist of two components: the cloth table topper and a skirt that fastens to the table edge with clips, Velcro or snaps. Standard tablecloths are not sufficient for over-sized banquet tables because they shift, wrinkle and are rarely a proper fit. There are different kinds of table skirting solution for any table and occasion. Various types of skirting design are suitable for wedding receptions, business conferences or holiday celebrations. Learn about the different kinds of table skirting and make your upcoming event a stylish affair.


Choose Gathered or Shirred Table Skirts for Volume

Gathered or shirred table skirts are a popular choice due to the simplicity and reasonable cost. They are some of the more informal options among the different kinds of table skirting, and are versatile as well. A gathered or shirred table skirt is a fabric drape drawn together along the top hem, which creates volume and body in the skirt. A tighter gather gives a table skirt a fuller, more ruffled appearance.


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Pick Knife Pleats for a Classic Look

Knife pleats are one of the most common kinds of pleating for table skirts. A knife pleat is a series of narrow, sharp creases folded in the same direction. Unlike gathered table skirts, knife pleats create smooth, precise lines down the length of the skirt. The knife pleated table skirt is a classic choice that is usually one of the least expensive types of skirting design.


For Formal Functions, Consider a Box Pleat

A box pleat table skirt is made from a sequence of back-to-back knife pleats. Box pleated table skirting is a good choice for a professional conference or business meeting. The box pleats give the table a neat, tailored appearance. Box pleats have a more pronounced projection than a simple knife pleat, adding dimension and interest to business or formal tables.


French Box Pleats Offer Elegance

Table skirting with French box pleats provide even more volume than standard box pleats. French pleats are narrower than regular box pleats, giving the bottom of the table skirting a fuller appearance. French box pleats work equally well in casual or elegant settings.


On a Budget? Pick Plastic

When budget and easy cleanup are a priority, consider plastic table skirting. Vinyl fabric can be fashioned into simple gathers or knife pleats. Vinyl table skirting is a cost-effective way to dress tables for any occasion.


Add Flare With Fringe

Fringe table skirting is a playful addition to party tables. Metallic, tissue and raffia fringe skirts have a number of imaginative uses. This kind of decorative fringe is a charming substitute for table skirting and serves as a festive wall border for special celebrations. Natural raffia table skirting is perfect for a tropical or luau-themed event. Raffia fringe works as hula table skirting, tiki bar draping and funky wall decor.


Embellish Different Types of Skirting Design With a Swag

Banquet, business or party tables can be fitted with detachable swags that are placed over any kind of cloth table skirting. Swags are commonly attached with overlap clips that will not flatten or damage the table skirt pleating. Swags are an easy way to dress up an otherwise plain table skirt, and they work with several different types of skirting design.



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