8 Kids Water Bottles That Will Last the Entire School Year

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You'd think that finding the perfect water bottle for your kids would be an easy task—it's just a water bottle, after all. There are practically endless kids' water bottles to choose from on the internet, but some are better than others ... like, way better. To help narrow down your search, we put together a list of the very best ones after researching and testing them out with our own kids. After several fails with water bottles that leak or "taste funny," we found the ones we think your kids will dig.


Water bottles come in various sizes and materials, with some being insulated, some with straws, some with handles and most featuring spill-proof technology. Choose the water bottle that'll best suit your child and their needs. If your kiddo has little hands or a hard time opening lids, go for an easy-to-open water bottle, or if your child likes their water super cold, an insulated bottle will work best.

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Remember that as your little one grows, so will their water bottle. The water bottle your toddler drinks from won't be the same one they drink out of when they're 6. So, while water bottles for kids aren't meant to last forever, the good ones are designed to withstand the wear and tear of clumsy hands.


What to Consider When Purchasing a Kids' Water Bottle

Materials:​ Reusable water bottles come in a variety of materials, but the materials that work best for kids' water bottles are stainless steel and plastic. While stainless steel can be more expensive than plastic, it's more durable and longer-lasting. Many stainless steel water bottles are insulated, which can keep water cold (or warm) for many hours. Stainless steel can be heavier than plastic, which is something to consider for little ones carrying their water bottles to daycare or school. Plastic water bottles can sometimes have a plastic taste, which some kids won't like. The transparency of plastic makes it easy to keep an eye on your child's water intake, as well as when the bottle needs to be refilled. The plastic water bottles included on this list are all BPA-free.


Lid Type:​ Some kids like a water bottle with a straw, which is usually the type that causes the least amount of mess if the bottle is knocked over—especially if it's spill-proof. Some lids have a small opening to drink from while others have a lid that fully detaches. Some lids flip open and lock shut. Many companies sell different types of lids to go with the bottles if the one that comes with it doesn't work for your child.


Capacity:​ The capacity of a water bottle will depend on how much water your child drinks. A 9-ounce water bottle is typically good for toddlers, a 12-ounce bottle works well for preschoolers and kindergarteners, while a 16-ounce bottle and larger should hold enough water for big kids and teenagers.


Durability:​ Not all water bottles are created equal. If you want your child's water bottle to last for years, you're going to have to pay a little extra for one that's durable. If you're on a budget or prefer to replace water bottles every year or so, there are plenty of cheaper options available.



Scroll on to browse through the best kids' water bottles of 2022.

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The Best Overall Kids' Water Bottle

Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw, 14 oz.

$14.99 - $19.99 at Amazon


$16.99 at Walmart

There's a lot to love about the Simple Modern Kids' Water Bottle. Made of stainless steel, the bottle has double wall insulation to keep water cold all day long. The lid offers a tight seal that's leak-proof to prevent spills, plus it has a handle for easy carrying. It comes with a BPA-free straw lid that's dishwasher-safe if you place it on the top rack. This water bottle comes in 39 color options and a wide variety of sizes, from 14 ounces all the way to 128 ounces. The best size options for kids will be the 14-ounce, 18-ounce or 22-ounce bottles. If you prefer a bottle that's cup holder-friendly, go for one of the 14- to 22-ounce bottles.

The Best Budget Kids' Water Bottle

bubba. Flo Kids Water Bottle, 16 oz.

$9.98 at Amazon


$10.88 at Walmart

This BPA-free plastic water bottle is impact and stain-resistant. It has a leakproof lid with a cap lock to keep the mouthpiece clean and prevent accidental spills. On the outside of the water bottle is a removable silicone sleeve that makes it easier for kids to grip and keep the contents better insulated. The bottle and lid are also dishwasher-safe on the top rack. If your kid doesn't like to use a built-in straw (or you loathe cleaning them), this affordable water bottle is a solid option. There are several other colors to choose from if this two-tone option isn't your family's style.

The Best Kids' Water Bottle With a Straw

YETI Rambler Jr. Kids’ Water Bottle, 12 oz.

$25.00 at Amazon

$25.00 at YETI

You can't go wrong with the YETI Rambler Jr. This 12-ounce insulated stainless steel bottle can handle all the drops it'll endure while keeping your child's water cold and safe from leaks. To make your life easier, both the bottle and the lid are dishwasher-safe so you can toss them in the dishwasher without worry. It has a convenient carry handle, the design won't cause condensation on the outside of the bottle, and the colorful finish won't crack or peel. This BPA-free bottle comes in nine fun colors.

The Best Insulated Kids' Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Kids' Wide Mouth Straw Bottle, 12 oz.

$28.45 - $29.79 at Amazon


$29.95 at Dick's Sporting Goods

There are several reasons to buy the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth water bottle. First, it's made of stainless steel that offers excellent durability and insulation and doesn't add any unwanted flavoring to the water. It also has a fun silicone grip at the base of the bottle and a carry loop handle—both making the bottle easy to hold and carry around. It's completely BPA-free and toxin-free, and you can place the entire bottle (lid included) in the dishwasher. There are eight colors to choose from and two sizes: 12-ounce and 20-ounce.

The Easiest to Clean Kids' Water Bottle

THERMOS Funtainer Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle, 16 oz.

$19.99 at Amazon

$21.00 at Walmart

You deserve a water bottle that's easy to clean, so when your kid comes home from school, you can simply pop it in the dishwasher and move on with your life. Perfect for elementary school kids, the THERMOS Funtainer is 16 ounces of pure joy. Made of stainless steel with double wall vacuum insulation, the bottle is leakproof and dishwasher-safe. It comes in a variety of fun colors and designs.

The Best Large Capacity Kids' Water Bottle

Contigo Cortland Chill 2.0 Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 oz.

$19.98 at Walmart


$19.99 - $31.75 at Amazon

Ideal for older kids or teenagers who tend to drink more water throughout the day, this larger capacity water bottle has auto seal technology and a push-button, which keeps all that extra water inside. Simply push the button to sip water then release it for an instant seal. The bottle has a handle that makes it easy to carry, and a spout cover helps to protect against dirt and germs. The bottle is vacuum insulated, so it'll keep water cold for up to 24 hours or hot for six hours. The water bottle is available in several colors on Amazon. Choose from two sizes: 24-ounce and 32-ounce.

The Best Water Bottle for Toddlers

Tommee Tippee 2-Pack Sportee Water Bottles, 9-oz. each

$15.99 at Amazon

$15.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

A fantastic way to transition your toddler from a sippy cup to a water bottle, this Tommee Tippee two-pack with adorable animal designs is the perfect hybrid of the two types of cups. Anti-leak technology guarantees this water bottle is completely spill-proof, even when the cup is upside down and your little one shakes it to try to get water out. It has a handle that's easy for your child to hold onto. The 9-ounce plastic bottle is free from BPA and all toxins, and it's dishwasher- and sterilizer-safe. The drinking spout is made with antimicrobial technology that can reduce unwanted microbes.

The Best Personalized Kids' Water Bottle

All Mine! Personalized Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 17-oz.

$26.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

We all know how often kids lose things, so it makes sense to get a water bottle with your child's name boldly engraved on it. This 17-ounce, wide-mouth water bottle can be personalized with your child's name or a short saying in their choice of colors. Made of stainless steel, the bottle is BPA-free. A twist-off cap prevents spills.


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