10 Surprising Ways to Use Mayonnaise Around Your Home

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It completes the perfect BLT, and can remove water stains from coffee tables? Mayo is one versatile condiment. Love it or hate it, mayonnaise deserves your respect. It can do a surprising number of jobs around your home, eliminating unsightly marks and maybe even the frizz from your hair.


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1. Erase Stains From Wood

Oil-based cleaners are often the best choice for wooden furniture, and mayonnaise is little more than oil and egg yolks. So while it might seem strange to rub mayonnaise into water rings on a coffee table, the mayo's oil content should help penetrate the wood and remove the appearance of those stains. Put just a dab of mayo on a soft cloth and rub it over the stain. Follow with a clean, soft cloth.

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2. Get Stuck Rings Moving

The ring that slid on easily this morning isn't willing to budge tonight. Blame the salty dinner that made your fingers swell slightly. Mayonnaise is just greasy enough to help a stuck ring slide free. Work a small amount of mayo over the ring and base of the finger, then gently twist the ring. Wash it thoroughly once off.


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3. Silence Squeaky Hinges

There's nothing quite as creepy as a squeaking door in a darkened house. Squeaking hinges can be incredibly annoying (or, yes, creepy), but they're easy to fix. If you don't have any lubricant spray on hand, grab mayo in a pinch. Work a thin layer of mayonnaise over the hinge, wiping away the excess with a paper towel. Just be mindful that your pets might become suddenly fascinated by the door and its enticing smell.


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4. Make House Plants Shine

If you're someone who loves their plants to have shiny leaves, mayo may be a surprisingly useful asset. Some plant lovers swear by wiping wide, flat leaves with a cloth dabbed in mayo. Follow with a clean cloth to remove any visible residue.



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5. Erase Crayon Marks

In every house that includes a box of crayons, there are inevitably crayon marks on at least one wall. Because there's no use fighting the inevitable, it's best to arm yourself with a few tricks for removing these marks. The oil in mayonnaise will break down crayon marks, making them easier to wash away. Test it on a small, hidden area of your wall first; mayo could leave stains on wallpaper, but should be fine on white-painted walls.


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6. Erase Sticky Fingerprints

Stainless steel appliances look so sharp... when they're perfectly clean. The next time a kid with dirty fingers opens the fridge, those marks are visible from across the room. Greasy fingerprints are especially tough to remove from stainless steel. Wiping those prints with mayo first, followed by a clean cloth, should erase them completely.


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7. Remove Sticker Residue

There are some price stickers that seem determined to stick to their owners, no matter how many fingernails you ruin trying to scrape them away. Mayo can do wonders on these kinds of stubborn adhesives. Rub mayo over the area and let it soak in for a few minutes. Use a rubber scraper or razor blade to remove any remaining sticker or residue.



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8. Get Gum Out of Hair

The momentary thrill of blowing a gum bubble is so often followed by the agony of that bubble popping all over your hair. Mayo's greasy quality saves the day here. Work a glob of mayonnaise into the gummy area and use a comb to gently separate the gum from the hair. This method may save you from having to make an impromptu home haircut.

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9. Condition Dry Hair

If you've ever shopped for deep conditioners, you know that these products are often oil-based. The oil that makes mayonnaise so tasty could also do wonders for dry hair. This is one of those DIY beauty hacks that your grandmother probably tried at least once. Coat your hair with plain mayo (or experiment with a mayo hair mask recipe), cover it with a shower cap and let soak for 30 minutes before washing.

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10. Moisturize Dry Skin

Just as it works to treat dryness in hair, mayo could prove useful for treating patches of dry skin. Everyone will react differently to different products, so for your skin, mayo may or may not be an effective substitute for moisturizer. But if you have a jar in the fridge, try massaging a dot of the condiment over your dry or itchy skin. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing the area.

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