10 Mind-Blowing Hairspray Hacks to Try Immediately

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Keeping curls, updos, waves and sleek ponytails in place is just the beginning of what hairspray can do. Whether you're looking to spruce up an outfit, start a new sewing project or clean minor messes, hairspray can help you get the job done! Check out this list of 10 clever ways you didn't know you could use hairspray to solve everyday problems around the house.

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Thread a Needle

Sometimes it feels like threading a needle could be an olympic sport, am I right?! Save time and frustration by rubbing a bit of hairspray onto the end of the thread to prevent fraying. You're welcome.

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Make Flowers Last Longer

Enjoy the beauty of a brand new bouquet a bit longer with this little-known hack. Just hold a hairspray bottle about 10 inches away and lightly spray the flowers. Leave them to dry for a few minutes before placing them into a vase with fresh water.

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Prevent Screws From Slipping

Home improvement projects can be tough enough without worrying about ruining your walls with unsightly holes and marks. The next time you take on a project involving screws or nails, simply spray them with a bit of hairspray and let them dry first. The hairspray will work as a light adhesive to prevent slipping, and you'll be well on your way to 'Bob the Builder' status in no time.

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Keep Bobby Pins in Place

Enjoy your next night out on the town without the bun you spent hours pinning, completely coming undone. Mist some hairspray onto your bobby pins and leave them to dry before inserting them into your next elaborate updo to keep them in place.

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Quickly Dry Nails

There's nothing worse than finishing up a fresh coat of polish, only to reach into the fridge for a snack and completely smudge the paint. Speed up the drying process by spraying a light coat of hairspray over freshly painted nails, making sure to hold the bottle a few inches away.

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Keep Shoelaces From Untying

Whether you're playing a pick-up game with friends or going for an evening jog, you don't want to pause the action for shoelaces that keep coming undone. Solve this issue by spraying a bit of hairspray onto your strings before and after tying, keeping the knot nice and sturdy.

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Prevent Static Cling

Putting on your favorite garments fresh out of the dryer is an amazing feeling. Don't let annoying static cling ruin it! Mist a bit of hairspray onto the inside of your pants, leggings or t-shirt before putting them on, and make static cling a thing of the past.

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Make Lipstick Stains Disappear

Red lipstick on a clean, white shirt — it happens to the best of us. Apply hairspray to the blemished area and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes, then gently wipe the mess away with a cloth and warm water. Wash and dry the shirt per usual and voila! It's as if the lipstick stain never happened.

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